Maxi Pants, Large, PA11787


Maxi Pants, Large, PA11787


Valui Pants Maxi ; Pull-ups style; Maxi Range; 160 pic (8 bags*20)

Waist size: 60-139cm

Product Description

Valui Pants (Pull-ups)

Key Features of the Product

  •      Elastic stretching waistband to provide better fitting;
  •      Locking-water SAP & deodorizing ingredients to eliminate odors and keep extra dry;
  •      Specially-designed layer to provide quicker absorbency;
  •      Unique breathable cotton-like back sheet to offer additional comfort and reduce skin problems;
  •      Standing gathers and leg cuffs to prevent leakage, provide better comfort and increase reliability;
  •      Largest absorbency on the market.

Additional Information

Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 32 × 66 × 48 cm


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