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Hi John,
I am very pleased to report that the feedback from Clinical Governance earlier in the week was very positive from the residents in the Brickendon unit trialling your products. They said that they were very comfortable to wear and not as hot or bulky.
That being said, XXX would like to know your availability to come and meet with our continence champions?!
Look forward to hearing from you
Kind Regards,
Christine XXX
Deputy Facility Manager
Ms. Christine H, A large aged care facility in Penusunia Melbourne
Good Evening John,
We were very impressed with the trial of your continence aids.
Please allow me another week of comparison and I will be in touch to organise a meeting and information regarding ordering of your product.
Ms. Lucy C, A nursing home at Box Hill Melbourne
Dear Corrin,
I am well and hope life is being kind to you too.
Thank you for allowing us to trial your products. The feedback from the residents and staff was fantastic and most certainly met expectations .
The management meeting was suppose to have been held yesterday hence why I wanted to trial the products before hand. Unfortunately, the meeting was cancelled and rescheduled to April 22nd at 0830hrs. Your product is itemised on the Agenda and I have completed XXX’s product trial Evaluation report to present at this meeting.
Fingers crossed, the outcomes will be positive. Ill be in touch with you after this day.
Kind regards,
Ms. Te-Ana H, A large facility of a big aged care provider group in Sydney
Hi John, We trialled the pads on Saturday night and we were very pleased with them. I have been away at home for a couple of days . We will be recommending your products to our head office.
Director of Nursing
Ms. Bev B. , A very large facility of a aged provider group in VIC & NSW
Hi Corrin
Thank you for the box of samples which we received.
The samples that we received we have trialled and they are great – but we don’t at present have any issues with our current Continence supplier. However, it is good to try other products and if any issues should arise – know that there are other options.
I apologize if there has been any confusion.
Many thanks
Director of Nursing
Ms. Lea P, A facility in regional VIC
Dear John,
We were very pleased with the product so far.
Clio XXX (Care manager) and myself would be very pleased to meet with you when you are next in Gippsland.
Kind regards,
Heather T
Care support coordinator
Ms. Healther T. , A facility in regional VIC
Hi John,
Could you please call me as we are very interested to change to your product and need to discuss this and some other issues with you.
Could you please arrange a time to visit XXX again and meet with XXX and myself
Bridget XXX
Deputy DON
Ms. Bridget R. , A large facility in Penusula Melbourne